Sandals Resorts – Important Information (UPDATE)

Never before have I witnessed a global health crisis with such an impact. In these unprecedented times, now more than ever, the safety and health of our patrons and employees are of utmost importance.

Due to the global health crisis, international travel warnings, coupled with airline cancellations, it has compelled Sandals to make the difficult decision to temporarily close all Sandals and Beaches Resorts until May 15, 2020.

During this time of closings, Sandals will make further enhancements to the Sandals and Beaches resorts to continue to surpass your expectations when you return.

The Caribbean is resilient. They always bounce back better and stronger than before. Sandals Resorts will be here to welcome you back with open arms and a warm smile.

Sandals Resorts International plans to reopen their resorts on June 4th, 2020, where the Bahama’s reopening date will be July 1st.

These dates are therefore subject to change.

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